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Alifoods International Food Group is a young business group made up of a team of professionals with extensive experience in the food sector.

We were born to satisfy the demands of the Latin American markets with products and brands of the highest quality with internationally recognized prestige.

Our task is centered on both the import/export of food and in the commercialization and distribution of our own brands and brands we represent in Latin America and the Caribbean. However, our overall objective is to continue expanding the company, establishing business units in new countries and to ultimately have a larger presence in the entire Latin American continent.

Our products are customized to Key Accounts Channel as well as Retail Channels(Supermarkets and Self-Service Points) and Food Services Channel. We keep ourselves updated with new lifestyles and customer's habits in order to meet their specific needs at anytime.

Our task is centered on the



of food and on the commercialization and distribution of our brands.


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