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Quality food adapted to our consumers’ way of life.

We are a group of companies devoted to the import/re-export of food from Europe, the United States and Latin America, sending goods to different destinations in Latin American countries and the Caribean. What’s more, we sell and distribute our own products directly to the international markets. mas

Our success is also your success, and that is why we do the most to obtain exceptional sales to benefit not only ourselves, but also our partners and commercial allies. More than just products, we offer our clients advantages, options, and commercial solutions that contribute to their profitability.

Our work ethic is based on confidence, passion, and dedication to our work. We see this as the only way to reach our aims.


Lead the import/re-export and export market

of food products in the Latin American and the Caribean markets.

Become the best commercial partner for our clients,

establishing a relationship of trust, with transparency and a permanent balance based on the “win-win” principle to guarantee the success of both sides.

Be recognized by our clients and consumers

because of our own brand as well as the private brands of our allies.

Professionalism, qualification, and continuous training of our staff

in order to obtain the best professional and human development.

We want our suppliers to value our high responsibility and commercial commitment,

and we want them to trust in our shared growing vision of the food business in Latin America.

We want to be qualified by our shareholders as a profitable business

that assures them a return on investment.


1. Customer Oriented

We have a clear devotion to service. This is why all of our actions seek to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations.

2. Business Ethics

Values like confidence, honesty and loyalty are deeply rooted in our business culture. Respecting this code of behavior is our promise of operating with sincerity, and it is fundamental to preserve the confidence and credibility of our clients, partners, distributors, workers, shareholders and society in general.

3. Obtaining Results

We work to obtain the best results without compromising our code of ethics. Our sense of urgency, responsibility and experience allow us to adopt measures and improvise efficient initiatives in the case of unforeseen events.

4. Commitment to the Public: Clients, Suppliers, Distributors, Workers and Shareholders.

Alifoods International Food Group assumes the commitment to maintain transparent and constant communication with all of its shareholders. The basis for this commitment comes from our conviction that our actions are highly valued only through the participation and engagement of this group.

5. Teamwork

Establish and maintain good relationships with colleagues in order to maintain a high team spirit. To involve others and to work with a crowd-pleasing philosophy: without borders, sharing ideas and solutions.

6. Quality in All Our Work

The quality is seen in everything we do. We work with passion, commitment and dedication in order to obtain excellence and to exceed the expectations of our shareholders.

7. Safety and Work Sanitation Empowerment

We respect and comply with all work conditions set by international regulations. Our workers regularly take training courses on emergency situations, safety, work-risk prevention, ergonomics, recycling, and caretaking.

8. Social Responsibility

We are a part of millions of lives around the world, and that is why we have a solid commitment to society and to the environment. For Alifoods International, CSR is part of the decision-making process where we take into account both businesses factors and the expectations of consumers, workers, shareholders and leaders.


A group that grows every day

Alifoods International focuses on food import/export as well as our own brands commercialization and distribution on Latin American and Caribbean markets.

see international presence

...permanent balance based on the



to guarantee success for both sides.


We work with




to obtain excellence and to exceed the expectations of our shareholders.”


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