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Aquí Nadie se Rinde

Aquí Nadie Se Rinde (Nobody gives up) begins its story with Andrés Pérez Vidales, a young boy who, at the age of 8, was facing the biggest challenge of his life: his battle against Leukemia.

For the next 5 years, Andrés’ experiences created in him an awareness of his own battle, which in turn helped him realize the struggle of other children who were going through the same battle. He asked his parents if they could, together, create an organization that would help take the pain away from other children who were going through what he was going through

With this in mind, Aquí Nadie se Rinde, A.C. was created in August 2005, with the mission of give hope to the Mexican children that are undergoing oncological treatments and who have scarce resources by providing integral medical treatment, improving their quality of life, as well as that of their families.

To fulfill its mission, Aquí Nadie Se Rinde works through four programs that cater comprehensively to children with cancer and their families.

“Saving Lives…One at a Time” Provides support to children with cancer that require a Bone Marrow Transplant and who do not have the financial means necessary by offering them the possibility of hope. And gives support psychological.

“Nurturing Hearts” improve self-esteem and integration of children with cancer and their families through educational and recreational events.

“Light for Hope” Provides a program which generates self-employment by commercializing products that are easy to make. As a result, families of patients have the opportunity to generate an additional source of income, therefore igniting hope for the whole family.

“Discovering the Unknown” Fosters Pediatric Oncological reseach in Mexico in order to know more about this illness so that we can ensure that children who suffer from it receive the most accurate diagnosis, as well as the most suitable treatment.

For more information, visit us on, on Facebook Aquí Nadie Se Rinde, AC, and Twitter @ ANSERac or write to

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