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Consumers prefer global brands.

Alifoods International offers the exclusive guarantee of the best international brands of dairy products, among other offerings. We only distribute the leading brands with renowned international prestige because they are synonymous with quality, commitment, taste and freshness.

They are innovative foods with a high added value which provides additional comfort, functionality and safety for the client. What’s more, they belong to brands whose rise are characterized by constant nutritional research, with the aim of using their products to collaborate with the goal of maintaining a balanced diet as a source of health and well-being.

The customers are increasingly demanding and the competition also becomes fiercer. That is why Alifoods International exclusively selects the brands and products capable of satisfying the needs and tastes of today’s consumers: healthy, nutritionally balanced food that is tasty and pleasing at the same time.

AlifoodsInternational adds to its




of the best international brands of the dairy sector.


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